The Problem

Women across the Middle East face a wide gender gap online. Issues that impact women and girls are too often left out of a global conversation.

The Solution

We asked 30,000 people across the Middle East about issues that impact women. Do you know what they said? Find out at A site that features one of the largest anonymous digital surveys of women’s voices from across the MENA region – over 10,000 women – to open discussion on critical issues such as education, mobilty, and work outside the home.

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The Digital Public Square at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs designed one of the largest anonymous digital surveys of its kind, garnering over 30,000 responses, 10,000 of which were women, from countries across the Middle East. The survey was conducted anonymously online using RIWI’s proprietary intercept technology and the studies were conducted simultaneously in October and November 2015 across all countries. The results can be generalized to the population and demographics of internet users in the following countries: UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and Turkey. The survey sought to determine what Arabic-speaking, Middle Eastern women themselves felt about issues related to their mobility, education, and employment, along with secondary questions regarding confidence and preference in various political institutions and forms of governance.

Working with our partner, Small Media, the findings were visualized and made interactive in order to build a community, and creatively show users of the platform where their responses lie relative to those of similar age, gender, or locale. Doing so makes us all more aware that a broader spectrum of ideas exist, and encourages individual exploration of these issues, both online and off. We hope seeing public opinion this way also serves to de-isolate people from conversations regarding their own future.

Here’s what’s exciting – polling from over 100,000 participants who have interacted with the site reveal that more than 67% of male and nearly 70% of female users feel like they “now know more about what other people think about these issues.” Try out’s interactive survey and see where your views fit.



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Small Media is an action lab helping the free flow of information and creative expression in closed societies, with training, technology, and research initiatives that focus on Iran.