The Problem

The majority of Iran’s population is made up of citizens under the age of 35, and yet, those voices are often left out of the political dialogue. More than any other group, youth turn to online and alternative media sources to satisfy their need for information, while their government cracks down on those sources with internet censorship.

The Solution

We hosted interactive dialogues in 2014 around the world to address topics that specifically matter to Iranian youth. Those topics were chosen by polling more than 19,000 young people anonymously from inside Iran. Experts, thought-leaders, media and entrepreneurs from the international Iranian community joined together virtually with youth inside Iran to share their views on pressing issues that matter to young people.

Censored in region?

Yes / No


The Youth Dialogues were hosted in four cities: Berlin, London, Silicon Valley and Toronto. The topics addressed were informed by an online survey conducted with over 19,000 Iranians inside the country polled directly from the project’s Rouhani Meter platform. These topics included: technological innovation, entrepreneurship, news and media, information and communication, civil society, human rights, and much more. The four events brought experts, thought-leaders, media and entrepreneurs from the international Iranian community together virtually with young Iranians inside the country.

Developed with

ASL19 was the lead organizer for this event series. ASL19, Farsi for Article 19, is an interdisciplinary technology and research lab working to build solutions for access to information challenges such as censorship and surveillance.

Psiphon Inc. is a Toronto-based company producing award winning open-source multi-platform circumvention software that helps over 3 million people every week connect to content on the Internet.

RIWI Corporation is a Canadian based technology firm that specializes in the full spectrum collection of consumer and citizen voices online in order to drive project awareness and intelligence.

Small Media is an action lab helping the free flow of information and creative expression in closed societies, with training, technology, and research initiatives that focus on Iran.

Project timeline

March 4, 2014

Berlin event on Human Rights & Civil Society

March 5, 2014

London event on Media & Journalism

March 8, 2014

Palo Alto event on Entrepreneurship

March 9, 2014

Toronto event on Communications Technology

The Dialogues