The Problem

How do you seek to identify and then understand the diverse public conversations taking place on social platforms concerning at risk citizens in need of support in sensitive digital space?

The Solution

We built a social data analysis platform to support the Digital Public Square’s work helping at risk digital citizens. The platform performs three specific support tasks, including: real-time project activities analysis, research, and measurement and evaluation of project effects.


The Digital Public Square’s data analysis platform is an incredibly robust near real-time data feed that fed a multi-node Hadoop cluster, and was subsequently visualized for analysis through Tableau. The platform generated millions of rows of data during the operational period from sources such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and VKontakte among others. These rich data sets were analyzed and assessed using a range of statistical methodologies that were intended to identify benchmarks, generate pattern analysis, and undertake breakout analysis for keywords and content related to project activities.

Public Reports

These reports were produced to support programming activities this year.