The Problem

Citizens in Iran have their access to information severely restricted by extensive censorship, a policy of silencing dissent, and the dominance of government-controlled media. Additionally, primary platforms for online information do not have story tracking tools for the Farsi language.

The Solution

Helping users access trending coverage of national events and popular news, providing unrestricted dissemination of 50 trending topics refreshed live hourly- filling a critical gap for access to the latest conversations around news and information being shared by Iranians.

Censored in region?

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Meidoon Watch is the first automated trend analysis platform for Farsi speakers online. The platform utilizes existing popular social sharing channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, ensuring its news aggregation rankings are relevant to Iranians. By serving as a credible source for Iranians to learn about the topics that are most important to fellow citizens, Meidoon supports increased awareness of national affairs, and enables informed open dialogue on a range of issues, including government accountability, democracy and access to fundamental rights.

Meidoon is also available through an English language portal – helping the English speaking world learn more about the conversations Iranians care about.


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Developed with

ASL19 is the lead developer on Meidoon. ASL19 is an interdisciplinary technology and research lab working to build solutions for access to information challenges such as censorship and surveillance.