The Problem

Surveillance, malicious software, and censorship threaten the online ecosystem.

Users are vulnerable.

The Solution

All of us need to develop habits that promote personal safety online. We developed a new kind of digital security guide that focuses on providing clear, easy to understand information for everyday users who are interested in learning about digital hygiene.


Digital security guides are often difficult to navigate for average users interested in being safe online and accessing information. With security research provided by, in collaboration with the Munk School, Hygiene in the Digital Public Square is a website portal that provides digital hygiene advice to everyday users via a clear and concise question and answer process. Our hope is it will be easy to navigate, simple to follow, and available in multiple languages. 

Developed with

They create accessible technology and improve the skill sets needed for defending human rights and freedoms in the digital age.

Project timeline

February 26, 2016